Il Caminetto.
In Florence, the artisans of true flavors.


In the heart of the lilies city "Il Caminetto" restaurant combines tradition and innovation.

Florence is incredible.
Unbelievable that one city gave birth to geniuses like Leonardo and Galileo, Masters of Literature such as Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio, architectural masterpieces such as the Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio and Santa Maria del Fiore.
And among the excellences of Florence, food undeniably plays a primary role. A visit to the Tuscan city is a must to taste a Fiorentina, to enjoy a Chianti DOCG or second-to-none Vin Santo.

And here we are on a side street just a stone's throw from the Duomo: "Il Caminetto" restaurant which incarnates the authenticity of the great Tuscan cuisine . Il Caminetto is Florentinity par excellence. Its refined looks reflect a philosophy of traditionalism but does not neglect innovation. The tables are elegant and essential at the same time, the à la carte menu is varied and does not fail to cherish the foods that have made Tuscan cuisine famous throughout the world. Everything is made from the best local products: Chianina IGP, Cinta Senese DOP, wild boar from the Uccellina Park, the Chianti Classico DOP oil, the Zolfini beans, the Valdarno pink cecino and so on. But the strength of "Il Caminetto" is combining the dishes above with more innovative Italian products such as, among others, Gragnano pasta, capers of Pantelleria, the pistachios of Bronte. All, of course, certified.

Alongside traditional Ribollita and Florentine Steak, they serve respectable reinterpretations such as the Bresaola di Chianina rolls filled with a prestigious local pecorino cheese, accompanied by a compote of green tomatoes and mustard essence; the Millefeuille of veal, potatoes and sage, a dish that, due to its delicacy, imposes outstanding presentation. Special mention goes to their lavish carbonara, a delicacy made from Gragnano PGI spaghetti, quail eggs, DOP Cinta Senese pork neck and black truffle flakes.

Each dish therefore leaves its mark on your palate, especially if accompanied by a glass of good Tuscan wine. Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute is served at "Il Caminetto", a bottle with an elegant design that underlines the excellent quality of the product.

Everything is conceived and cooked "to perfection” at "Il Caminetto”. And it is precisely for this reason that the members of staff are now known as "the artisans of true flavors".

Il caminetto, Firenze (FI)

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