La Locanda del Poeta.
Where cooking is poetry.


In the context of the Poetry Park Pascoli a restaurant that translates the poetry of Giovanni Pascoli into a cooking dimension of excellence is born.

Romagna is synonymous with eating and living well. A land of great excellence among food, music and art, it gave poetry a master like Giovanni Pascoli.
One of his most famous poems, la Cavalla Storna, mentions the Tower, the home of the Pascoli family when his father Roger managed the possessions of the Torlonia princes.
Here, in the small village of San Mauro - nowadays San Mauro Pascoli -Villa Torlonia has hosted Locanda del Poeta since 2017, a charming restaurant rich in history.
At the entrance, guests are greeted with a majestic book opened right on the page La Cavalla Storna and each room is dedicated to a member of the Pascoli family. Different designs, colors and scents give life to a sensory and evocative journey. This is also possible thanks to the tablecloths, curtains and all the furnishings of the XVIII / XIX century.

Romagna and Pascoli himself are the two protagonists of the Locanda del Poeta menu. Simple dishes belonging to the Romagna tradition, created by Chef Ugo Patierno, compose a food and wine offer with a strong sense of belonging. The quality of the ingredients and the attention to the preparation process - even as complex as low temperature cooking techniques - give life to enchanting dishes, with an excellent taste and great emotional depth.

Pascoli celebrated food and wine in his various works. His verses gave birth to some of the courses of the Locanda del Poeta, such as the "Romagna risotto", the "tagliatelle with ragout", the "piada" and the "cress of boiled meat and potatoes". Classic food with a new combination that matches the philosophy of this place: to propose an ancient taste in a new dimension.

Locanda del Poeta serves Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute, chosen for its freshness, lightness and originality.

Hospitality, friendliness and courtesy are ingredients that are not found on the menu, but always perceived here at Locanda del Poeta, in the Romagna of Pascoli.

La Locanda del Poeta, San Mauro Pascoli (FC)

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