La Locanda del Poeta,
emotions on your plate.


In the Turano Valley, a restaurant surrounded by nature offers gourmet cuisine based on local products.

You will find Collalto Sabino, one of the most picturesque villages in Italy, on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo, cozily hidden in the Regional Nature Reserve of the Navegna and Cervia Mountains.
The village, perched on a hill and surrounded by woods, offers a fairytale atmosphere: walking through its alleys and stopping to admire the medieval castle will take you back in time.

This area, one of the most impressive spots of the Sabina Hills, is the birthplace of a restaurant that wants to thrill its guests with the local flavors.
The name of this place is a tribute to “Antonio the poet”, a peasant, who loved his land and its fruits, and bright intellectual, ex-owner of the farmhouse which in 2006 was transformed into Locanda del Poeta.

The restaurant, surrounded by nature, combines a rustic style and carefully selected details; it has a veranda and a large green lawn where you can relax on the shore of a private lake.
The warm welcome of the team encourages guests to meet each other and creates positive vibes.

The idea of this place is respect for the natural cycle of the earth's gifts. The ingredients will tell you a 0-mile story: the real stars of the menu are truffles, mushrooms, organic meat from local shepherds (including typical local black Rieti pork sausages), sheep and goat cheeses, freshwater fish from the Lake Turano, including pike and whitefish, homemade bread and pasta.

At Locanda del Poeta, love for one's land embraces creativity, giving life to original proposals that amaze with their delicate taste and elegant combinations.
Fried filo dough with fresh, lightly salted cheese, pears, nuts, and honey is an appetizer served here since the very opening of the restaurant and is very much appreciated by the guests; truffle-based courses, such as fettuccine, are the signature dishes of the restaurant.

To enhance the genuine flavors, Locanda del Poeta accompanies its food with excellent wine - the bottles are recommended directly by the owner - and with Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute, pure and light water with less than 0.0001% nitrates.

Locanda del Poeta is the perfect place for guests looking for emotions. The poetry is in everything that surrounds it and will charm the guest at first sight.

La Locanda del Poeta, Lucca

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