Osteria Testamatta,
the sea on your table in the heart of Este


A modern restaurant that owes its success to two essential ingredients: fresh fish and the passion of its owners.

Este, a cradle of the ancient Venetians, lies at the foot of the Euganean Hills. A walk in the historic center lets you enjoy the charm of this village, which boasts a rich artistic and cultural heritage and a precious food and wine tradition. Its streets are animated by lively artisan shops where you can stop by and discover another specialty of this land – ceramics.

Osteria Testamatta was born in the heart of the town, on Via Pescheria Vecchia.

Unfinished walls, essential and elegant furnishings, and soft background music create an intimate and elegant atmosphere. In the summer the guests may enjoy their meals in the summer garden.

As Alberto Bovo, one of the two young owners, the other being Silvia, tells us, it was a shared dream to open this restaurant. And you can see their enthusiasm in every detail.

The welcoming is kind and attentive and the food will satisfy your eyes and then your palate: the presentation is a prelude to distinct and genuine flavors.

The cuisine is based on 0-mile ingredients that best represent the territory, however, the real star of the menu is a fresh catch from the Adriatic.

The restaurant offers traditional Venetian recipes rethought by its chef in a modern style yet preserving the properties of the ingredients.
Gran Crudité, consisting of tuna and sea bass carpaccio, scampi, red prawns, purple prawns, scallops, and mantis shrimp, is their most elaborate and dainty appetizer.

Among the first course classics, you will be offered soft gnocchetti with spider crab and mezzi paccheri with seafood, while Catalan-style salad with lobster, scampi, shrimp, scallops, spider crab, mantis shrimp, mussels, clams, and octopus is a second-course dish appreciated for its well-balanced flavors.

Even the desserts, the "fifth sin” of the menu, deserve a mention for their creativity and delicacy.

The wine list offers a wide range of options and is a distinctive feature of Osteria Testamatta. The water served here has also been chosen with the utmost care. Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute matches perfectly the seafood dishes.

This restaurant is the right place to experience the pleasure of dining and savoring the emotions: a dream, when shared, becomes reality, just like an intimate and romantic dinner.

Osteria Testamatta, Este (PD)

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