Antica Osteria Righetto,
river cuisine at its best


A restaurant that has reworked traditional Venetian dishes with a modern twist.

Quinto di Treviso is a small village in a land with rich cultural, artistic, culinary, and wine traditions and routes.

Since ancient times the hunters and fishermen of the area visited what was then known as Locanda dei Cacciatori, opened on the banks of the Sile, a river surrounded by thriving centuries-old local commerce and activity, a symbol of the March of Treviso cherished by the locals.

In 1780 Locanda became Antica Osteria Righetto, a lively part of the local history and the guardian of the river cuisine. The owner Toni, of the Righetto family, dedicated many years of his life, up until 2011, to taking care of the eels kept alive in large metal casings.

When the management was taken over by the current owner, Roberto Tacchetta, the challenge was to recover the historical sign and promote the traditional freshwater fish not so much appreciated by present-day palates. The chef Marco Cavallin willingly committed to making an excellent and once-popular ingredient trendy again.

The place has been partially renovated maintaining some historical features and above all its characteristic harmony and outgoing atmosphere.
At the counter, you can taste typical Venetian Cicchetti appetizers, while in the dining room you can savor the dishes of the river cuisine reworked with a modern twist, for lunch and dinner.

The menu options are seasonal, however, the Bisata as they call the Sile eel here is on their menu all year round.

A must starter is the uso scampi eel (fried and stripped). Among the first courses go for their classic risotto and the river carbonara pasta with crispy bacon replaced by smoked eel: a dish that best represents the restaurant's approach to innovation and tradition to please the eye and the palate.

In addition to grilled and stewed eel, try their second courses based on river fish such as sturgeon, trout, or catfish. A simple yet elegant cuisine will lure you into discovering forgotten flavors.

The wine list focuses on local options too. Have a look at their wide selection of Venetian wines as well as other bottles from all over Italy.
The choice of water sticks to the same philosophy: Millenium Water is a pure water intertwined with the territory and long-standing tradition, just like that of Antica Osteria Righetto.

The challenge is won when a restaurant conquers and amazes lovers of traditional and good food who appreciate culinary innovation.

Antica Osteria Righetto, Quinto di Treviso

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