Caffè Florian,
excellence preserved over time.


A place that preserves a centuries-old tradition while keeping up with the times. For 300 years Caffè Florian has been a living symbol of the city of Venice.

In the book "The Experience Economy" its authors Pine and Gilmore argue that the economy should not provide products, but rather give emotions. The difference between having a coffee at the station and at Caffè Florian, as they write, lies in emotion. One satisfies a need, the other offers a journey through history, into a parlor of a fantastic city.

Florian was born in 1720 in the period when the coffee shop business exploded in Europe. Originally the place was called "Alla Venezia trionfante" but the Venetians would just say "Let's go to Florian’s", with the stress on “A”, to honor its founder Floriano Francesconi.

Caffè Florian has marked the recent history of Venice. It was the place where the illuminists, sipping their coffee, gave birth to the ideas that would make contemporary age possible. It was also the meeting point of the revolutionary Jacobins and the birthplace of the Republic of San Marco. The Caffè lived through the entire Risorgimento, with a big overhaul of 1858 that made Florian as we know it, with the Murano mirrors, the boiserie, the frescoes, the paintings and the golden leaf walls. Florian was - and still is - the home of contemporary art which saw the birth of the Venice International Art Exhibition, better known as the Biennale. It was also a beacon of hope during the First World War when it stayed open even at night to show the Germans on the Piave that the Venetians and the Italians were not afraid.

Florian tables hosted such personalities as Carlo Goldoni who drew his inspiration from Florian when he created his comedy "The coffee shop", eclectic and brilliant Giacomo Casanova, writers Byron, Proust and Stendhal, and recently Andy Warhol and Elton John.

Caffè Florian welcomes its guests in its six prestigious rooms, the gallery and at outdoor tables in warm seasons. Guests' orders are served on a silver tray by waiters in tail-coats, accompanied by the local orchestra and an exclusive view over Piazza San Marco. Here you can taste the single-portion sweet delicacies, snacks and artisan ice cream produced in the Florian Laboratory. Among the delights capable of surprising your palate we certainly recommend the shortcrust cake, the pistachio and raspberry cream much loved by the customers, as well as the cheesecake with ricotta, raisins and cane sugar crust caramelized at the time of order. The famous Club Sandwich lunch options are abundant and prepared freshly every day bearing in mind different international cultures and diet preferences. Pasta with beans, shrimp, and mussels is a winter must.

Among the first-class foods served at Caffè Florian is Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute, chosen for its impeccable quality.

There is a tight link between Venice and Caffè Florian which offers the only excellence you aren’t going to learn how to make or find a recipe of – the emotion.

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