La Petite Langoustine,
a lodge in Rimini.


Sea and mountains are the two extremes that define the identity of this place that proposes a creative cuisine based on high quality raw materials.

La Petite Langoustine overlooks the Rimini dock.
On the left, the Marecchia divides the long line of hotels from the white trees of the moored boats. A little farther on, you note the evocative and nostalgic rust of those boats that have stopped sailing. Behind, not too far from here, there is Borgo San Giuliano where Fellini was born.

La Petite Langoustine is a surprising restaurant with a great personality.
The venue has a terrace with sea view and is located on the first floor of a modern building. The furniture is distinctly material and creates a strong contrast between sea and mountain. The raw wood of the tables meets the worked wood of the folding chairs; sofa, pouffe and leather finishing contrast with the fine fish-shaped chandelier and, above all, with the sea view. The stone walls and the light that filters through the window complete the space.
The wooden counter overlooks the entire space and at the same time shows all the excellences of La Petite Langoustine, like its fresh fish.
And fish is the dominant raw material on the menu - perfect expression of international and creative cuisine.

The proposal is constantly revised based on the seasonality of the catch and the raw materials that give life to sophisticated and creative dishes.
You can taste Catalan style lobster, creative dish like the scallops al testo, topinambur and black truffle cream, and classic paccheri pasta with lobster, or even candele spezzate pasta with squid ink and roasted cuttlefish.
The sea will offer such delicacies as Canadian scallops, French oysters or the King Crab from Alaska.
La Petite Langoustine serves attentively selected cuts of meat like the Piedmontese Fassona, the Patanegra or the Japanese Kobe.

The culinary experience is ultimate and priceless, thanks to the rare ability to involve all the senses, a success that is supported by Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute, a water with an attractive design that blends well with the identity of the restaurant.
La Petite Langoustine is a restaurant capable of expressing itself at its best both in the bustling Romagna summers and in the intimacy of the winter sea. The only real mountain lodge in Rimini.

La Petite Langoustine, Rimini

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