Marilyn Restaurant.
Fusion cuisine and Romagna.


On the Rimini seafront it is possible to live a culinary experience combining Adriatic fish with fresh produce and exotic techniques.

Presenting an experimentation cuisine in Romagna is an ambitious and daring challenge. But if you can count on quality, great technique and the presentation you are on the right path.

Marilyn restaurant is located on the Rimini seafront, not far from the Fellini airport. The appearance is simple and refined, with lots of windows and few walls. An open air terrace is waiting for warm season. White and blue colors are most prominent, a combination that in the collective imagination refers to the Riviera wooden cabins of the 1960s. Even light plays a fundamental role. The atmosphere is naturally welcoming and relaxed, but refined equipment highlights strong identity of this place.

The fusion style kitchen offers excellent products and very special combinations. Nordic, Canadian and Oriental, especially Japanese delicacies can be found on the menu, such as tuna sashimi. The menu goes along two streets: you can taste fish specialties, protagonists of refined dishes with attention to every detail, and gourmet pizzas, made of different types of flour, long time leavening dough and high quality ingredients.

The dish that tells the Marilyn philosophy better than any other is the tuna tataki. The red tuna in sesame crust is scalded on the outside and served with a low-temperature cooked and caramelized artichoke. To accompany, a salted pistachio ice cream and balsamic pearls, small balls - vaguely similar to caviar - which in the mouth give off all the taste of Modena vinegar.

The water that complements the Marilyn philosophy is Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute, which combines a sophisticated design with a fresh, light taste.

If the Romagna tradition is a certainty, the Rimini Marylin represents the most original and truly unique alternative when staying on the Riviera.

Ristorante Marylin, Rimini (RN)

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