Dal Corsaro.
The brightest star of Cagliari.


A gourmet cuisine that explores the roots of the territory to offer the ultimate taste and culinary innovation. Dal Corsaro, we set sail for an unforgettable experience.

Can achieving excellence in catering be defined as a journey?

Our starting point is Cagliari, and we are back in 1968. Filippo Deidda opens a restaurant surrounded by the harbor and the city center. The menu welcomes all the colors, flavors and aromas of a thousand-year old gastronomic tradition of Sardinia. The route taken by Filippo is continued by his son Gianluigi and, with stern wind, the restaurant reaches the third generation of chefs and managers. And it is precisely at this moment that the family business makes a decisive turn.

Stefano Deidda is just over thirty years old when he takes over the helm. Dal Corsaro abandons the a la carte menu and introduces the tasting menus, including high quality products, a rigorous balance and flavors for each dish and access to a prestigious wine cellar with a wide selection of fine wines.

Meat and fish dishes do not reflect the regional recipes in a traditional way but draw inspiration from the territory and its essence. In this way Chef Deidda perfectly combines the best-known products such as bottarga, pecorino, carasau, rare fish species and the most unexpected and surprising flavors from the garden.

The dishes capture the looks and seduce the most demanding palates. The presentation is a spectacular preview of the unique experience we are about to savor. The proposed ingredients hint at ancient and familiar flavor, and at the same time, the techniques used in the kitchen can enhance their individual organoleptic properties, taking the taste to the peaks that rarely can be experienced elsewhere.

To enhance the uniqueness of these flavors, customers refresh their palate between one course and another with Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute: a choice in line with the prestige and style of the restaurant, which combines exclusive design and refined taste.

The meticulous atmosphere of the location with its arches, mirrors and paintings, and great service, reflect the philosophy and attention to detail that the chef dedicates to his cuisine. Everything revolves around the guests, to accompany them on a journey that can nourish body and soul.

The place also has a wonderful bistro. Fork offers the opportunity to enjoy a faster and less demanding meal, which does not fail to surprise the guests with real delicacies.

And like any great captain, Chef Deidda has a good star to guide him: the one awarded by Michelin. And if you risk losing yourself in the sea of the excellent culinary offerings around this wonderful island, this excellent restaurant is a safe harbor full of pleasant discoveries for true connoisseurs.

Dal Corsaro, Cagliari

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