A "luxury trattoria" in the heart of Brescia.


A culinary journey through the flavors of Italy, guided by Nadia and Massimo.

Brescia, Rome, Milan and Brescia again.
It can remind the legendary Mille Miglia dubbed by Enzo Ferrari "the world's most beautiful road race". But this time it is the route where Nineteen restaurant experience starts. Nadia, from Brescia, and Massimo, from Rome, have always traveled a lot for work. Until, their paths crossed in Milan in the kitchen of a prestigious 5 Star hotel. And this is how in 2007 they decided to open their restaurant in the historic center of Brescia.

The restaurant welcomes its guests inside a 16th century courtyard with stone walls counterbalanced by the harmonic glass and steel structure, which dominates the garden: a spectacular contrast between the wall of an old building and a modern glass and steel structure.

Nineteen loves to call itself a "luxury trattoria", a restaurant for every day and for all ages.
There are two menus, one for quick lunches and the other for dinners to be enjoyed peacefully. The dishes rethought and renewed by innovation in cooking techniques are still confined by Mediterranean tradition.
Each course is surprising for its balance and respect for the authentic taste of the ingredients. Minimum cooking steps let the palate savor true and simple flavors.
Chickpea pureed soup served with browned octopus and squids. Cacio e Pepe, simple yet wonderful and balanced. And the Raw Sea, a selection of divinely prepared fish.
Every detail and every flavor represent a step on a path, which always brings new sources of inspiration to discover a recipe or a new ingredient: this explains the absolute excellences such as broccoli rabe with Apulian bread, delicious Neapolitan Zeppola, delicate Kamut pasta of the Dolomites or original Senigallia sea food carbonara.

Italianness and quality dictate the choice of water that is served to the guests. Nineteen serves Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute that perfectly matches the elegance of the restaurant and its menu options.

We are sure that the journey of Nadia and Massimo to discover new ideas and flavors is not yet complete. For Nineteen, to achieve excellence you need to explore step by step.

Nineteen, Via Pietro Bulloni, 19 Brescia

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