Tana d’Orso.
Unforgettable experience between nature and food.


An enchanting setting born out of passion for horse racing has merged with the traditional cuisine of the Varese region.

Mustonate is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. A green area of 60 hectares between the Lake of Varese and Masnago where a 1,500-meter long horse trail in silica sand and the two-story stables, unique in Europe, are located.

Inside this complex Tana d'Orso restaurant found its shelter. Born in 2004, under the careful guidance of Francesco Testa, it has become a respected restaurant in Varese.
The restaurant is housed in a modern villa with architectural elements such as arches, columns and friezes. The interior is spacious, the tables are cleverly arranged to put the customer's comfort first and to facilitate the movements of the dining room staff. The covered area is refined, but not overly pompous.

This obsessive attention to hospitality and service is also reflected in the kitchen. Here the well-being of the guests translates into the choice of good and fresh ingredients, in the creation of dishes, in preparation and experimentation. The menu, which renews monthly, reflects the Italian tradition. Don’t miss the risotto, fried dumplings, the tartar or grilled meat cut, constantly reinvented in terms of preparation techniques and combinations. The specialties of the menu, however, are linked to Varese: mountain game, such as roe deer, deer, hares and quails, and at the same time fresh catch from the local lake, such as perch, pike and char served soused or smoked. Tana d'Orso embraces a philosophy that constantly aims at innovation and bio-culture.

The choice of table water could only fall on Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute, because it is a bottle of prestige, very elegant, that reflects the intention to offer only the best.

Next to the restaurant there is a tavern, a more dining spot, also perfect for breakfasts, coffees or drinks. The ideal and very popular place during equestrian competitions or traditional races with vintage carriages.

The elegance and pride - of which the horse is a symbol - found their most authentic culinary expression in Tana d'Orso of Varese.

Locanda del Gusto, Palermo (PA)

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