Al Quarto, a Mediterranean terrace in Cremona.


An excellent hotel restaurant that bases its menu on two key ingredients: the best fish and a fantastic view over Cremona.

Cremona is the capital of one of the most glorious Italian excellences: violin art. Stradivari left a cultural heritage that still echoes among the shops of the city center with the artisans working under the eyes of passers-by.

To make an appearance in such an identity-based place you must factor in art. It is with this ambition that the Cremona is architect Giorgio Palù designed the Hotel Continental in his city. It is with the same ambition that the young manager and Chef Stefano Minchillo decided to take over the “Al Quarto” restaurant located on the fourth floor of the Hotel.

The restaurant has a rooftop garden with internal and external areas. The two areas are separated by a window with a view over the orderly roof tiles of Cremona and, a little farther, the Torrazzo, a symbol of Cremona. The place is decidedly modern; anthracite color stands out, opaque on the floor and the walls, glossy on the ceiling. The gold columns add color and depth, while the design lights create geometries and emphasize personality. Wine and book shelves, artisan-made heads and amphoras and sea paraphernalia are everywhere. The outdoor terrace, on the other hand, reminds of a lounge bar with low tables and sofas.

“Al Quarto” mainly serves fish, but some vegetarian dishes are also on the menu. The menu is limited to five proposals for each course. Although the most representative dish of the restaurant is its raw fish platters, what best describes its identity is the principle of excellence, refinement, seasonality and absolute freshness of the ingredients. Food delicacies are accompanied by a wide wine list with over eighty exclusive labels and rarities not to be missed. Even the choice of water is not accidental: Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute has won over managers and guests of Al Quarto because it comes from an ancient and uncontaminated water source.

In a very short time, “Al Quarto” has attracted an ever-growing clientele consisting of locals and guests of the city. This is a demonstration that people’s taste can be excited by hitting the right note. As Stradivari teaches us.

Al Quarto Terrazza Mediterranea, Cremona (CR)

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