an ancient treasure immersed in an abundance of nature.

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The charm of the past

In the province of Bari, standing proudly above the Alta Murgia National Park since ancient times, is the village of Altamura. Renowned for the stunning architecture of its historic centre and the characteristic land that surrounds it, the village of Altamura also charms and fascinates with its stunning setting and unique flavours. The megalithic walls from which the village takes its name date back to 500 BC, but it wasn't until much later, with Frederick II in 1232, that Altamura started to develop as a town, populated by Arabic, Greek and Jewish people and endowed with its famous enchanting cathedral. The legendary "cloisters", small squares encircled by alleyways, also date back to this period, giving the village its characteristic charm and making a trip back to this little corner of history a truly memorable experience.

Local cuisine, traditional dishes, interesting facts

From a gastronomic standpoint Altamura is best known for its DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) bread, a loaf made with the revered re-milled durum wheat flour, the prince
of local agricultural products, to which just water and natural yeast are added. Also worth mentioning are "cialda fredda" and "pancotto", two traditional peasant dishes which include stale bread, cooked vegetables and pecorino murgiano cheese and are, of course, served with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

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