Caffè Carducci,
excellence is in the DNA.


A venue in the center of Monfalcone that brings on experience, knowledge, and certificate of excellence by the Maritani family.

Monfalcone is a small town on the border between the province of Gorizia and Trieste, between the Isonzo river and the Karst plateau - inextricably linked to our history - located between Italy and Slovenia. Favored by the crystal-clear Adriatic waters of the Gulf of Trieste and the proximity of the enchanting Duino with its castle of the White Lady and its Rilke trail which inspired the Austrian poet to write the Duino Elegies, Monfalcone represents that idea of the border that has nothing to do with limits, but that opens up and encourages a continuous exchange of ideas and cultures.

And it is precisely from the exchange between two adjacent arts, pastry, and cooking, that Caffè Carducci proposal was born. In Monfalcone, the place is a landmark: its sign bears the name Maritani, a family of pastry chefs of great experience who, with Alessandro Maritani, achieved a prestigious recognition by the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani. The windows welcome you in into an elegant but above all light space, characterized by geometric lines and light effects. The furnishings and layouts are modern and well distributed. To the right is the pastry corner with a generous and inviting shop windows; to the left is the bar counter and the cafeteria corner. There is a well-stocked wine room, with predominantly local wine options, also used for temporary modern art exhibitions.

Caffè Carducci hosts several interesting meal occasions typical for Monfalcone. From breakfasts with exclusively Maritani brioches to aperitifs, but also lunch breaks and food tastings with wine pairings on Thursday evening. The water that accompanies each of these occasions is Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute, a line that completely embraces the philosophy of Caffè Carducci, both sharing the attention to detail, lightness, and excellence.

Caffè Carducci represents a perfect blend of the Maritani family history; a story that stems from an ambitious dream that has enabled them to move their limits further and further away.

Caffè Carducci, Monfalcone (GO)

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