Cenobio dei Dogi.
The true taste of the sea.


The excellence of the Ligurian tradition preserved by Remo Gatto, the Chef that re-interprets the most authentic taste of Paradiso Gulf.

The Hotel Cenobio Dei Dogi is a sea postcard.

The extraordinary terrace compliments the breathtaking location situated between the lively historical buildings, the black gravel beaches and the ancient Sagra del Pesce frying pan.

The history of this venue started in 1565 when the aristocratic Dogi family decided to build a villa at the foot of the Monte di Portofino. The villa has seen many owners, but it took its shape mainly during the liberty period when it became one of the most popular and prestigious sights of the Ligurian coast.

The blue of the waters of this enchanting gulf is reflected in the cuisine of the restaurant and in the personal history of its Chef Remo Gatto. After periods spent in riviera and on cruise liners, after catering and Switzerland period, he made his first acquaintance with Cenobio dei Dogi in the summers of 2004 and 2005 acting as the Sous Chef. In 2009 Remo will return to Camogli, this time as the lead character.

Cenobio dei Dogi conceives a traditional cuisine that allows guests to live a complete sensory experience. Dishes such as stringoli with nettles, ligurian style fish or use of prebuggiun (wild seasonal herbs) combine the traditional flavors, fragrances, colors with the "mood" of the sea.

And it is the sea that becomes the main ingredient, especially in cappon magro: fresh fish, boiled vegetables and green sauce stacked on a slice of stale bread soaked in the sea water as the tradition requires. To recreate the taste, the chef designed a solution based on a mix of water, salt and vinegar used to dip the bread in. A secret that respects the tradition without affecting its extraordinary authenticity.

The restaurant boasts of water list with different labels. Its guests prefer the elegance of San Benedetto Prestige Rose Edition for its delicate, fresh and perfectly balanced taste.

The breeze and the colors of the sea are knowingly captured by the menu of Cenobio dei Dogi that offers a true gastronomic excellence.

Restaurant Cenobio dei Dogi, Camogli (GE)

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