gourmet of excellence in Brescia.


Catering is only one of the souls of this place that stands as a real point of reference for a night out in Brescia.

A book, a film, a piece of music. A classic is never wrong. The same goes for restaurant business.

In the heart of Brescia, not far from the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo and the Fontanella of Piazza Tebaldo Brusato, stands Classico, an elegant dining place of excellence.
The location is thrilling. Guests are welcomed in a 17th century building with an internal courtyard where historical elements are enhanced by the contrast of minimal design. The measured choice of lights and background music complete an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere.

From the aperitif time the place is mostly frequented by a young clientèle attentive to the latest fashion trends. “Social food” is dedicated to them, a proposal made up of many small samples to share.

The menu offers a delicious selection of gourmet sandwiches. Among these is the one that was elected the best Hamburger in Italy. Home-made bread, made with sourdough and pumpkin seeds, is enriched with homemade mayonnaise, slightly smoked ketchup and mustard grains. Inside there is a meat burger - four parts of beef and one of Iberian suckling pig - mixed with spices and smoked beech. With tropea onions, romaine lettuce and tomatos on the side.

Another of the most popular dishes is the lobster roll, a re-invention of the American sandwich served with steamed lobster.

Classico also offers an à la carte menu marked by Brescian traditional cuisine as well as more exotic or experimental recipes. Jump from a sashimi to a parmigiana, from a pacòte with lobster and tomato confit to a one-side cooked amberjack with pea cream and licorice caviar. Finally, the dessert menu offers some selected delicacies made with creams, sorbets and ice creams made with inevitable inspiration. The menu is accompanied by Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute, water of millennial purity, served in its original and elegant format.

A tip for the evening? Classico is never wrong.

Classico, Brescia

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