Donnalucata, where history reflects off the blue of the sea

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The beauty of a natural stage

Donnalucata is a small fishing village of very ancient origins, a tourist destination loved for its astonishing golden beaches, such as the Ponente and the Micenci. Its seafront is the setting for Inspector Montalbano's unforgettable strolls, the character created by the Italian writer Camilleri and who is the main protagonist in the successful TV series of the same name. Whereas the splendid Palazzo Mormino Penna lent its internal spaces to provide the settings for the TV show's indoor scenes. But the renown of this little village in the province of Ragusa dates back to its historical origins: it is here where the Normans defeated the Arabs, in fact its name is derived from the Arab expression “Ain-lu Kat”, literally meaning “spring of the hours”. Indeed, it seems that a fresh water spring used to flow five times each day, corresponding exactly with the times for Muslim prayers. The source is said to have originated from the fresh water springs on Micenci Beach, probably linked to reasons connected with the low tide.
Donnalucata is not just all about the sea: perched on the hill which dominates the village is the Santuario Madonna delle Milizie, the village's landmark monument where the limestone statue of the Virgin Mary is kept. On the side of the Sanctuary stands a bell tower which dates back to the 19th century and is a rare example of Byzantine art.

Local cuisine, traditional dishes, interesting facts

The historical heart of the village winds its way along via Pirandello, offering a plethora of bars in which you can savour the genuine taste of a real, properly made Sicilian granita (slush). Many restaurant menus offer fish specialities and fabulous traditional first courses, to be enjoyed together with one of the many fragrant local wines. During spring the village's streets explode with the light and flavours of the cuttlefish festival: Donnalucata's ancient little harbour takes centre stage for this fishing village's gastronomic delights, where you can enjoy freshly fished cuttlefish prepared in a variety of ways.

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