from a grocery store to molecular cuisine.


A place that has had many different faces throughout its history, but has always kept one thing unchanged: offering its customers the best quality possible.

Essenza is an important name for a restaurant because it hides a promise to its customers. The essence is a perfect mix of philosophy, style, and culinary experience.

And Essenza - Dario e Anna restaurant will live up to your expectations.

Started in 1964 as a small but popular in spite of its location grocery store in Arezzo it soon becomes a deli counter after its customers suggest Dario and Anna cook the quality foods they were already selling. When the business was taken over by their son in 2005 the deli counter was transformed into a real restaurant. However, the changes continued, and after becoming a real icon for the Arezzo restaurant scene, in 2018 the business moved to the central Piazza Grande.

The current venue dates back to 1570 and has been completely restored. During the work an enchanting mid. of the 19th century fresco was discovered on the ceiling just above the chandelier which depicts a wealthy woman holding tightly her bag, reminding of a period when Piazza Grande was the favorite place among skilled pickpockets. The atmosphere is intimate and focused, with modern, essential furniture and elegant lighting with an LED strip that cuts the entire wall horizontally.

Essenza steps away from the usual restaurant scene in Arezzo. It introduced innovative techniques and molecular cooking into an important and deeply rooted food tradition.

A typical dish of the Essenza menu that combines tradition and innovation is lamb, cooked at low temperature using ultrasounds, served with oyster sauce. The dish makes your palate experience a wonderful and perfectly matching contrast between meat sweetness and oyster flavor.

Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute, the water served in this restaurant, chosen for its excellent quality and essential shapes matching perfectly the restaurant’s philosophy.

Arezzo has also found its way to the future of the restaurant business because excellent cooking is not a superstructure, but the essence.

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