a terrace overlooking the excellences of Taormina.


A place that combines the most beautiful view of Taormina with a philosophy that rewards tradition and blends it with innovation.

Taormina has been welcoming tourists for over three centuries. And the reason is very simple: what other places in the world have Mount Etna, the Gulf of Naxos and the remains of ancient civilizations like the Ancient Theater in such a limited space?

In the historic center of Taormina, in the middle of the famous Corso Umberto I, stands the Granduca restaurant. The location is a 1400's villa with an enviable sea view that makes the people of Taormina proud and enchants tourists. The lounge, the terrace and the garden are spacious and can accommodate many guests. The tables are round, the wooden chairs and simple equipment characterized by centerpieces depicting the iconic Sicilian puppets. Inevitable Moor’s heads that spring up here and there among the furnishings.

Granduca has two distinct souls that integrate perfectly with each other: restaurant and pizzeria. The menu has some of the cornerstones of the local tradition reinvented following the most up-to-date techniques. Delicacies such as home-made fresh pasta are outstanding, served with grouper heart, cream of pumpkin and clams, or the seared tuna with the green gold of Bronte or Balik Salmon Chenelle with light pastry and avocado foam.

The excellence of its pizza is also recognized by many, carefully prepared in every aspect from the selection of raw materials that make up the dough, to leavening, garnishing and cooking. You can find very delicious and original combinations with fish, a key ingredient here.

The wine list has some very prestigious labels, especially local ones, however Italian excellences and well-known international bottles can still be found on the list.

Granduca serves San Benedetto Prestige Rose Edition, fresh and pure water that stands out for its lightness and refinement with its iconic rose on the label.

Taormina has been welcoming tourists for centuries and, thanks to excellences like Granduca, it will continue to welcome them for a long time.

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