I Due Buoi,
a taste of Piedmont in the heart of Alessandria.


The only Michelin-starred restaurant in the city of Alessandria offers traditional Piedmontese cuisine with a refined influence from the land of the rising sun.

The recent past of Alessandria tells us about a city that has been rediscovering its pride. Alongside the famous 18th century Citadel, with its keep, ramparts and moats still intact, a recent symbol of the city has been built: the white arch Meier Bridge, which stands out over the Tanaro river and the city skyline.

And right from the bridge, continuing along the narrow streets that wind up towards the historic center, you come across another of the city's pride, the Hotel Alli Due Buoi Rossi dating back to 1741, which had the honor of hosting the greatest personalities visiting the city, from Pelé to Gorbachev. The same complex hosts a special restaurant, the only starred restaurant in the city of Alessandria. We are talking about I Due Buoi.
The restaurant breathes lightness and modernity. White is a dominant color, but the paintings on the walls, marble veins of the floor and material anthracite of the tables give their final touches.

The menu is dedicated to the most famous Piedmontese tradition with oriental touch brought by the Japanese Chef Jumpei Kuroda, a Sous Chef who helped gain the first star in 2015, and from 2017 he has been the head of the I Due Buoi kitchen. You can find dishes such as Plin, Veal in Tuna Sauce, Ravioli or Fassona tartar with modern and slightly oriental touches such as a special sauce or fancy decoration. The choice of raw materials is based on km 0 and seasonality. The products are treated gently and pay back with lightness on the palate.

Guests of I Due Buoi are served Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute. The bottle design fits the modern environment, while the extraordinary purity of the water perfectly matches the menu.

I Due Buoi restaurant’s passion, love and dedication are the ingredients that belong to every aspect of catering. Indispensable when you are an honor to your city.

I Due Buoi, Alessandria (AL)

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*This article was issued in September 2019 and therefore, the information included is relative to the time of publication.

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