Il Tartarughino:
a perfect balance of Mediterranean flavors


A contemporary restaurant offering excellent cuisine and quality musical accompaniment

In the north of Sardinia, a land of intense and unforgettable scents and flavors, there is a village known for the charm of its white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters: Porto Rotondo, which over the years has become a top-ranked tourist destination.

Its history is intertwined with that of Il Tartarughino: the restaurant first opened its doors in 1973 in Punta Volpe, whereas now it welcomes its guests at a modern style venue in Piazza Quadra, in the heart of the village, and a new seaside location at the Sassi beach opened in 2008.
Open from morning until late at night, from breakfast to late-night food, Il Tartarughino serves elegance and contemporary: kind and attentive service perfectly match the latest gastronomic trends and tastes of its demanding clientele.

The restaurant has always appealed to its guests by focusing on excellent ingredients and as excellent musical accompaniment, which ranges from DJ sets to live performances: artists such as Antonio and Marcello, Rita Forte, and Sergio Cammariere made their debuts here.

The cuisine is innovative yet linked to the local traditions; the menu puts into life all the research and dedication of its proud creators, the Cruciani family.

Fresh fish is the main ingredient of their dishes, which reflect the perfect balance of flavors: spaghetti with clams, bottarga, and cherry tomatoes stand out among the rest. Their meat options will also be able to satisfy the most demanding palates: high-quality cuts and slow cooking techniques are the basic rules of their success, you should try their Chateaubriand.

The menu includes perfectly cooked regional specialties such as elephant ear-shaped Milanese chop and pasta cacio e pepe.

Il Tartarughino offers an excellent wine list and serves San Benedetto Prestige Rose Edition, pure and light water in elegantly designed bottles that will perfectly suit the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The secrets of this restaurant are the passion and the ability to go beyond, always looking to the future.

Il Tartarughino, Porto Rotondo (OT)

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