Lo Scoglio,
a terrace overlooking the Gulf of Cagliari.


One of the longest running restaurants in Cagliari that became famous thanks to local fish culture and sense of territory.

The rock exists. It is the middle of the crystal-clear sea, visually contrasting with the different shades of blue. The Pula peaks plunge into the Mediterranean, the horizon line divides the sea from the sky.
It is the Sant'Elia Rock that gave its name to the restaurant.
A winding and unpaved road leads to the hidden beach Sant'Elia and then to the Lo Scoglio restaurant, a true terrace overlooking the sea.
The location has two areas: an internal area with terracotta and exposed brick floors and a wooden perimeter overlooking the Mediterranean. The choice of furniture is outstanding, like the characteristic telegraph machine.
Lo Scoglio delights its customers, especially from Cagliari, with a culinary proposal capable of bringing out the best of local fish and typical Sardinian products. As witnessed by numerous photos hanging on the walls, the restaurant is very much loved by celebrities, politicians and famous sportsmen. And yet, thanks to the family management that has led the restaurant since 1958, you can breathe the same intimate atmosphere of home cooking.
The menu is strongly tied to the tradition and simplicity of the dishes to preserve authentic taste of the raw materials. Fish is the main ingredient, but meat is also served.
Ideal dinner at Lo Scoglio consists of well-defined dishes. It starts with a selection of raw fish or alternatively a range of traditional mixed appetizers. To follow is the dish that more than any other traces the identity of this place, the linguine with lobster. Lobster linguine has been on the menu since 1961 when it was invented by chance to satisfy one of the best clients. Among the second courses savor the restaurant’s all time lobster and mixed grilled fish, which are remarkable. Finally, it is right to finish with a selection of traditional Sardinian sweets, such as seadas with honey.
At Lo Scoglio tables Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute is served, pure and light water that refreshes the palate and prepares it for the next course.
The experience is completed by the texture of the sea, the breeze that caresses the skin and the sound of the waves breaking against the Sant'Elia rocks.

Lo Scoglio, Cagliari

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