Posteria San Rocco, Mediterranean excellence in Gallarate.


High-quality ingredients and meticulous preparation give this restaurant a great personality, similar to its owner: Rino Gattuso.

The church of San Rocco played an important role in the history of Gallarate, insomuch that in the 19th century it opened a posteria (grocery store) next to it, which supplied the town with the best food. It is in this wonderful venue that Andrea Bianchi and Gennaro Ivan Gattuso, i.e. the World Champion Rino Gattuso, decided to open their own restaurant.

“La Posteria San Rocco” welcomes its guests in a fascinating and evocative environment brought to life after careful restoration that has respected its original character despite the addition of modern elements.

At “La Posteria San Rocco” you can enjoy re-invented Mediterranean cuisine with some exotic flavors based on km0 and seasonal ingredients as much as possible. The menu leans towards fish although meat dishes are served as well. The fresh catch comes from "Ittica and Gastronomia Gattuso & Bianchi", while the desserts are made in the nearby confectionery “Pasticceria Bianchi” that completes the supply chain of excellence.

On the menu of “La Posteria San Rocco” you will find some delicacies capable of capturing your eye and above all your palate. Among them, Cappuccino of mushrooms and porcini, crunchy pastry with homemade bread, Sicilian red prawn tartare and Sila bacon that combines the flavors of Varese with those of Calabria. Monkfish served with Japanese panko and seasonal red cabbage long-time pickled with sugar, cinnamon, blackberry jam, and yellow curry sauce. There is one dish on the menu whose true ingredient is Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute. Catalan style scallops, fully re-invented, with dehydrated basil leaves and date tomatoes burnt over fire and classic celery left to soak overnight in sparkling water until it becomes completely transparent. And of course, we serve Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute.

Ideal for a romantic or quick business dinner, “La Posteria San Rocco” tackles the restaurant scene with its fresh, refined and great personality proposals.

Posteria San Rocco, Gallarate (VA)

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