The pearl of lake Maggiore amongst spectacular islands

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Betwixt the mountains and the lake, so mild, so vibrant

Stunning, enchanting Stresa, located on the waters of Lake Maggiore, embraced by the hills and the Alps and facing out towards the Borromeo Islands, natural scenography of incomparable beauty with their ancient buildings, parks and lush gardens. With its gentle, mild climate, Stresa offers pleasant and enjoyable strolls along its quiet waterfront or through its historical centre. Picturesque itineraries along the ancient porticoes: from piazza Marconi to piazza Lido, from where the Mottarone cable car starts, wandering up and down past small squares, historical villas, stately homes and exclusive, liberty style hotels. The Villa Pallavicini park is also worth a visit, an English garden with lake views that is renowned for the extraordinary variety of its plants, it was transformed into an original zoo-garden in the 1950s. Even by the middle of the 1800s Stresa was already ranked very highly in the eyes of the world, a pleasing, elegant location chosen by the likes of Lord Byron, Stendhal and Charles Dickens for their relaxing holiday destination. But the attraction of Stresa doesn't just end with its beauty, it is lively and vibrant all year round thanks to an abundance of cultural offerings: literary awards, private events, arts festivals, concerts and great music events. The highly acclaimed Stresa Festival is currently one of the most important European festivals for classical and jazz music, where internationally renowned artists and bands come to perform.

Local cuisine, traditional dishes, interesting facts

Stresa's gastronomic excellence has its roots in Piedmontese culinary traditions: Alba truffles, the symbol of the city, are an absolute must-not-miss, as are Asti cutlets and tomini di Chiaverano cheese. And then, of course, there are the lake's specialities: trout, pike, perch which can be savoured steamed, in breadcrumbs, fried or “drowned” in the traditional “guazzetto” sauce.

Where to eat enjoying a bottle of Acqua San Benedetto

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