Boccadasse, the place where lovers and poets can still dream

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Boccadasse, a fishing village suspended in time

Genoa, the city of a thousand faces, a melting pot of cultures and peoples, lively, fervent and kissed by a sea that bestows breathtaking views. The city boasts a plethora of areas which effortlessly touch your soul, among them is an ancient fishing village: the village of Boccadasse, situated at the easternmost end of Genoa's seafront.
A stunning walk to the panoramic viewpoint brings you to this village, access to which is provided either via a set of steps or by strolling along a traditional crêuza, the name given to the small alleyways typically found in Ligurian villages.
Boccadasse is all that remains of an ancient fishing village: its alleyways have remained practically untouched by the passing of the last 200 years, so taking a stroll through its crêuze is a truly unique experience. It's this simplicity that makes Boccadasse what it is, offering an inner peace and authentic feeling that enable the visitor to relive traditional local life.

Embraced by buildings and shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city, in Boccadasse one can wander towards the enticing din of the sea's waves intertwined with the voices of people and children playing on the picturesque beach. This beach, when viewed from above, has a unique shape resembling a donkey's mouth, “bocca d'ase” in local dialect, from which this enchanting village takes its name. And the colour of the sea as it laps across the sand of this magical urban beach is simply incredible.

Local cuisine, traditional dishes, interesting facts

Framing this picture postcard setting, with its fishing nets hung out to dry and small wooden boats rocking on the dockside, is a plethora of bars and restaurants looking out across the beach towards the sea. There's a variety of alternative, dynamic street food on offer, as well as plenty of traditional local dishes, almost all of which are fish-based: don't miss the fried catch of the day or a delightful plate of trofie pasta with pesto. Your meal is never truly complete without one of Liguria's stunning desserts, such as Canestrelli (a type of shortbread biscuit), washed down with a good local sweet wine, or Panera, a traditional Genoese coffee semifreddo, a combination of fresh cream, arabica coffee powder, sugar and beaten egg yolks. A sweet softness for your palate.

Where to eat enjoying a bottle of Acqua San Benedetto

Ristorante Pizzeria Moromare
Genova Boccadasse

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