Al Gallo.
Excellent seafood in the hinterland.


Tradition and innovation coexist in a menu of excellence that contains the best catch from the Adriatic Sea. Since 1968.

Noale is a town located within the triangle of Padua, Treviso and Venice. A sixteenth century palace, an old horse changing station, where travelers refreshed before continuing their journey. The kitchen has always represented the identity of this important landmark, with a menu characterized by a deep rural tradition.

The '68 was a year of tumultuous changes with bold proposals and new ideas affirming in the society, art and food, distorting the most consolidated habits. In the same year Al Gallo restaurant had its small, great revolution, when the Busatto family decided to invest in what would become a second home for three generations. The new property had an ambitious plan: to bring fish culture of the Venetian Riviera into the hinterland.

The mistrust of the more traditionalists was followed by the curiosity and Al Gallo became a source of inspiration for other realities that decided to follow their path.

50 years later, Al Gallo is still a landmark, staying always at the forefront. The kitchen combines tradition and innovation, embracing the philosophy of zero km. Fresh fish from Chioggia, Caorle and Venice is dealt with with respect and dedication to enhance distinct flavors. The menu includes traditional proposals such as fish soup, baccalà alla Vicentina or fish pie with trenette, and modern dishes such as oriental prawns on cream of chickpeas, egg plants in saór and cherry tomatoes confit, homemade smoked salmon with whiskey served with baby lettuce, celery, green apple and turnip, or cod salad on purple cabbage puree, stracciatella and tomato confit.

An excellent wine list, thanks to a richly stocked and varied wine cellar, ranges from champagne to organic bottles with a careful selection of the best local labels.

A historical partner of San Benedetto water, Al Gallo restaurant was the first ever to bet on Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute. A choice that anticipated success in many other great restaurants, immediately appreciated by the most demanding customers for its delicate taste and elegant design.

The desire to experiment, to change the rules and to innovate the tradition will continue to be a distinctive feature of this restaurant: excellence is a journey that only true pioneers of taste can accomplish. Al Gallo restaurant will continue to be a reliable choice for many of them.

Ristorante Al Gallo, Noale (VE)

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