Harry's Bar.
A monument to the Italian excellence.


A unique bar which tells the story of the family Cipriani and honors Italy with its flavors and beauties.

The house of Italian taste and elegance which needs no introduction.

After visiting San Marco and crossing the Rialto bridge, the tourists look for the legendary sign of the monumental bar to take a commemorative picture. As always Harry's Bar is a symbol of good taste, elegance and exclusivity all over the world, a privileged destination for high-level intellectuals, artists and aristocrats like Peggy Guggenheim, Charlie Chaplin, Truman Capote and many others.
The atmosphere that welcomes guests transcends the historical importance of the place leaving room for a family feeling thanks to its intimate and welcoming environment: at Harry's Bar you feel really at home from the very first time.

Every detail of this gem is the result of the Ciprianis’ dedication to client’s comfort through a “complex” essence. Travertine floors, precious wood bar counter and boiserie, ergonomic tables and chairs, finely worked tablecloths and cutlery designed to perfection: Arrigo Cipriani thinks that genuine luxury is not linked to money but to the intimate relationship with our experiences and the attitude to everything we do.

At Harry's Bar, the customer is always at the center of everything. This care and attention gave birth to extraordinary recipes: for a Venetian countess on a raw meat diet, the Cipriani family decides to serve a thinly sliced beef sirloin decorated à la Kandinskij with an unparalleled "universal sauce".
The name of this masterpiece derives from a Venetian painter of the XV century, Vittorio Carpaccio, now synonymous in all over the world with meat or raw fish.

Art and gastronomy made this bar famous around the world: the Bellini cocktail invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1948 owes its name to the painter Giambellino: a refreshing drink, tasty and refined based on prosecco and pulp of white peaches. A brilliant idea symbolizing Italy’s rebirth after the Second World War: through art, cinema and great culture Venice offers a perfect scenario to start dreaming again and Harry's Bar becomes an essential stage in the collective imagination.

The menu has many other unmistakable delicacies, such as Venetian style liver and Baccalà alla Vicentina, combining the taste and knowledge of the tradition with the absolute freshness of raw materials: these recipes express the taste of tradition and are witnesses of the deep-rooted philosophy of Arrigo Cipriani.

All the dishes are accompanied with Saint Benedict Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute. San Benedetto Group can boast a family tradition, like that of Harry's Bar, that translates into quality and excellence. The home of Bellini has a non-alcoholic version of the cocktail, San Benedetto Cipriani Bellini, which has preserved the original taste.

Harry's Bar is also the home of wonderful stories.

One of them is Orson Wells’ who forgot to pay his bill and made Arrigo follow him to the station. The payment was made by throwing money through a window of the leaving train. Ernest Hemingway was so fond of Harry's Bar and the Cipriani family that he mentioned them in the novel “Across the River and Into the Trees” and other stories. And finally, the famous chair dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, the educated humbleness of Woody Allen and all the other stories of the extraordinary guests of Harry's Bar. Ask Arrigo Cipriani, the true master of the house.

Restaurant Harry's Bar, Venice

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