Tre Panoce,
oasis of excellent wine and food.


A restaurant on the top of a hill surrounded by Prosecco vineyards that blends the most deeply rooted Venetian tradition with a philosophy based on research and innovation.

A red raspberry and two daisies.

Every great artist finished his work with his signature: this is the stylistic quirk of Chef Tino Vettorello of Tre Panoce restaurant, ambassador of Made in Italy cuisine at major international events, such as the Venice Film Festival and the Vancouver and Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

The restaurant stands on top of a hill overlooking the view of Conegliano Veneto. Surrounded by the newly born vineyards and Prosecco grapes, contrasted only by the red dotted rose petals rows. The avenue that cuts the hill in half leads to the impeccably maintained park and then to an ancient seventeenth-century convent.

Inside, the eye is captured by exposed beams and copper pots on the ceiling. White tablecloths and chairs with primary colors here and there. The real gem of the location are the two cellars, one reserved for still wines and the other dedicated exclusively to Prosecco.

The service is attentive and measured. The waiters are mostly young and prepared, as their team in the kitchen, trained under the supervision the chef.

The menu prefers fish but does not exclude meat, focusing mainly on quality raw materials with Veneto PDO and PGI seals but at times likes to experiment with other excellent Mediterranean products. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are in every dish.

Among the excellences of the Tre Panoce restaurant is the "Rombo alla Clooney", a dish of brill fish created especially for the Hollywood star on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival. Brill cut into cubes and blended with vodka is drowned in Prosecco, which makes the meat softer, and then served on a layer of sea asparagus. A raspberry cream is used as garnish and signature for the dish.

Another delicacy is the "Sasso del Piave" which combines exceptional presentation with a bouquet of refined flavors. Salmon vacuum cooked at low temperature is served on a stone polished by the Piave and heated in the oven to keep the dish warm. Rocket pesto, porcini mushrooms and some flowers resemble a lawn that runs along the river.

The dishes are balanced with Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute, pure and light water that stands out for its refined personality.

All this is Tre Panoce. A red raspberry and two daisies.

Tre Panoce, Conegliano Veneto (TV)

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