Ca 'del Poggio,
sea view among the Prosecco hills.


A simple but revolutionary idea that brings excellent fish to areas that symbolize meat culinary tradition.

The talent of a cyclist is measured by his pace and tenacity when he must face a ride uphill. And among the most difficult, yet enchanting climb rides, is the wall of Ca 'del Poggio that winds through the Prosecco hills.

Like the champions of the Giro d'Italia who have been here four times in the last ten years, the Stocco family, after several years spent managing a beach business, has faced that wall and reached its summit to open their own restaurant here.

Ca 'del Poggio rises in a modern relais that enjoys a privileged geographical position. The Dolomites to the North, the Julian Alps to the East, the Gulf of Trieste and Istria and beautiful Venice further to the right. The Prosecco vineyards cover the entire hill.

The large window inside the restaurant frames all this natural and artistic heritage, making it part of the food and wine experience at Ca 'del Poggio. Candelabra on the tables and a piano in the center of the room.

Although the area is famous for its meat, turnspit dishes, game and sausages, Ca 'del Poggio, thanks to the experience of its owners, is the first fish restaurant in San Pietro di Feletto. The menu offers seafood without forgetting the important link with this land. Next to the excellences of the Adriatic, and to the lagoon fish, you’ll find cheeses, oils and other typical products of this land that in the past was named the "Garden of Venice". Yet the jewel in the crown is no doubts Prosecco.

An example of this perfect combination is the delicious Prosecco and Sea risotto, made with carnaroli rice, belon oysters No. 2 and homegrown scallops cut into small pieces, all whipped with Prosecco Superiore DOCG Conegliano - Valdobbiadene.

To accompany the sea courses of Ca 'del Poggio is Millennium Water - Antica Fonte della Salute, a perfect match to a top level cuisine.

The Ca 'del Poggio wall challenges the champions of the Giro d'Italia. But once on top the fatigue gives in and you can enjoy the most fascinating performance with your eyes and your palate.

Ca’ Del Poggio, San Pietro di Feletto (TV)

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