excellence comes from the philosophy of Respect.


The Riviera Omnivorous Restaurant proposes half traditional and half innovative cuisine based on a philosophy aimed at respecting every element of hospitality and catering.

A terrace overlooking the Giudecca channel with the view that reveals the profiles of the Molino Stucky and the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, crosses the lagoon and opens onto the Adriatic.

The Riviera Omnivorous Restaurant, a place that respects its customers, the culture of food and raw materials, its most distinctive feature.

The location is reasonable, but not lacking in personality: a white curtain with brown writing, small tables and wooden chairs and interior design that harmoniously combines different elements such as exposed bricks, vintage furnishings and design elements.

The room displays several works of art made with a few simple but authentic elements, such as the plates of the Riviera.

The menu offers seasonal and local raw materials supplied from the area between Lake Garda and Croatia. However, it is not only 0 km, they also serve selected delicacies that have no equal, like Modica cocoa mass.

Riviera’s cuisine can be defined as being positioned exactly between tradition and innovation. The proposals are characterized by essence of flavors, fine techniques and sublime aesthetics.

Each dish tells a story of its own. "Almost a (fish) soup", which in reality is not a soup, made with ingredients prepared separately, cooked to the extent of enhancing individual flavors and then composed into a dish with tomato extract jellies, bell peppers and cucumbers, covered with a light froth of fish broth. “Fior di Granseola" offers an extraordinary combination of cat tongues, artichoke, capers and lemon, with every single part being enhanced. A very surprising dessert is "Campi e Profumi", made from buffalo ricotta, white chocolate, fruit and aromatic herbs and contained in a rice wafer that provides a remarkable transparency effect.

Water also plays a fundamental role in defining the philosophy of the restaurant: it is a vital element, the basis of nutrition, and for this reason it is served free of charge. Millennium Water Antica Fonte della Salute is served because it combines the exquisite taste with an elegant and refined presentation.

At the Riviera restaurant, respect is a real ingredient because it can be perceived, tasted and appreciated.

Riviera, Venezia

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